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I love the scalp and hair oil. It helps stop the itchiness on my scalp.

Boujee Bratz Doll

After using the scalp and hair oil, it made my hair so soft and I noticed within a few days it was also thicker. 

Alaysia Hill

I love how the oil smells and make my scalp feel amazing. i experienced hair growth less than a month I oil my scalp 2-3 time a week.

Avanti Wingate

The oil works good. My dreads definitely grew at least 1 to 3 inches within a few weeks. I would definitely recommend this hair and scalp oil. Support my girl black owned business.


Smell wise it’s smells PERFECT! Smells like peppermints.


I used some on the ends of my hair while fluffing. It’s light and not heavy 🥰

Linda Lynn

I just started using the oil and have been enjoying the oil so far. It feels good on my hair and scalp not heavy at all. The oil is lightweight and actually works.

Lee (Pana MaCity)

I am loving this oil. It is light weight compared to another brand that I tried that is much bigger. This oil has a much better consistency than a serum I tried from the other brand who had cold pressed castor oil.

JLo Rich

The oil worked wonders for my granddaughter’s hair. I am happy there is no more crying as a result of her being tender headed.


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