The criticism that I experienced from family

When I was in high school, I struggled with relaxed hair because, it used to shed so much. It was so bad to the point where i would see big clumps of hair in my brush or comb that i would use. My hair was very thin at this time and I could not grow my hair past a certain length. My hair growth was stunted as a result of the relaxers that my grandmother would apply to my hair every 6-8 weeks. I had it done so soon because, i needed to get the new growth touched up. Eventually i decided to stop getting relaxers and start working towards going natural after watching natural hair bloggers on Youtube care for their natural hair. I transitioned my hair for a year and then afterwards I went to the Egyptian salon and let them do my big chop. After I had this done, my grandmother begin to tell me how bad my hair looked and that I need a relaxer. I told her this is how it is supposed to look I'm natural now which is different. She tried fixing my hair I mentioned that I know how to care for my own natural hair I will be fine. Some other relatives disagreed with the look especially during the Twa stage. As my hair grew longer and they started seeing how beautiful natural hair is they spoke less and started complimenting especially when they seen that I was able to still straighten it without any chemicals. Sometimes it takes time for others to get adjusted to your natural hair and for you to let them know what it is and they will leave you alone. I ignored my grandmothers negative comments and she continued standing up for myself showing her how confident I am. Ever since she never bugged me about doing my hair in a relaxed hairstyle ever again. 

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