Tips On Developing Confidence In Natural Hair

Natural hair insecurities are common in today's natural hair community. The key to helping you feel more confident in your hair is properly caring for it. This consists of washing, deep conditioning, moisturizing, and styling. Before you decide on which products are best for your hair, you have to find out what your hair type and hair porosity are. The way that you can learn what hair type you are is by using a hair typing chart. Hair types range from Types 2 to 4 hair textures. Type 2 and 3 has a looser curl pattern. Type 4 has a tighter curl pattern. Fine hair types require light weight hair products and oils. As far as learning your hair porosity, you can do so by taking one of the 2 tests which are the float test and the touch and feel test. The easiest and most popular one that is often times used is the float test. The float test involves placing a strand of hair into a cup of water and waiting between 2 to 4 minutes to see if it will float to the top, middle, or bottom of the cup. If it floats to top, that indicates that you have low porosity hair. Low porosity hair has a hard time absorbing the hair products that may just sit on top of their hair strands. The touch and feel test involves feeling for bumps or lumps in the natural hair strands. If the hair strand feels smooth, it means that you have low porosity hair. If the hair strand feels bumpy then that means that you have high porosity hair. High porosity hair absorbs products and oils faster like a sponge. This hair type requires moisturizing on a daily basis compared to low porosity hair. Dry hair will break overtime so be very careful and make sure that you are keeping your hair moisturized. This is vital for length retention as well. Trimming can also help with the health of your natural hair which involves trimming off any split ends that can lead to breakage. Dusting your ends in between professional or home trims can help as well. Me personally i dust and trim my ends as needed. You are always supposed to listen to your hair. Hair styles such as twist outs, braid outs, two french braids, buns, and perm rods can also help a natural feel good about their hair as well as other protective styles. When you do a style that could last you for at least a week, the less stress you will have when it comes to your hair. Most are not sure of how to style but there are hair tutorials out there that you can watch on YouTube that can help guide you. My go to style is the two strand twist out which I take down after the hair dries and then style in a stretched style such as the two french braids, low bun, or fluffy curly afro. Stretched styles help with hair growth compared to shrunken styles. When you begin to ignore other people's opinions of your hair you will be better off. People will talk and judge regardless so dont pay them any mind. Rock your hair the way you choose to and keep it moving. Some people may be jealous and wish that they had what you have. At the end of the day you are doing what makes you happy so forget the others. Surround yourself around people who are into natural hair or the ones that do support your interest in natural hair. Negative people will drag you down but keep your head up though. Continue to keep your head up. Natural hair is way more flexible and you don't have to worry about those relaxers damaging your hair or having to get those touch ups every few weeks. 

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