Hi my name is Laricia Sims from Riverdale, IL. In 2012, I begin transitioning which involves dealing with the natural and relaxed textures. In June of 2014, I big chopped my hair, after years of using perms and relaxers.

During my childhood years, my hair was relaxed all the way up until high school. The relaxer made my hair limp and eventually start to shed and break off. I lost so much hair to the point when it was brushed I would see chunks of hair in the brush. When I combed her hair it would shed quite a bit. Since I shed so much hair and experienced breakage, this stunted my hair growth.

I struggled with a dry scalp and dandruff for many years. None of the oils I was using on my hair helped get rid of the dryness and flakes. I decided to  herself to create my own hair oil. The oil consists of my favorite hair oils. This came to become the Moisturizing Hair Growth Oil. The Moisturizing Hair Growth Oil is handmade with love for all of my straight, wavy, curly, and coily gals and guys out there.